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About us

NGV are a market leader in telecommunications and have been delivering technology solutions since 1994.  We specialise in design, construction, deployment, management and support for communications, entertainment and MATV services in high density housing, mining environments and camp sites, both existing and new.

We work closely with developers, mining corporations and camp management to design networks and systems that meet requirements, provide longevity and are cost effective.


Our qualified engineers and technicians provide the design and construction of telecommunications infrastructure, network structures and electronic deployment.  Their expertise covers the gamut of FttX, WiFI, Radio, Microwave, Free to Air TV, Pay TV, IoT and VoIP.

One of the key areas that sets us apart is our approach to the management and support of campsite communications.  Our in-house staff expertise in this area is second to none, and our confidence in our abilities is such that we will provide management services for network equipment that hasn’t been provided or installed by us.


Whether you are a developer looking for infrastructure solutions, a business seeking hosted or trunk phones, or a resident wanting an internet and phone service – NGV provides all services.

We design, construct and install FTTH, CCTV, MATV and VoIP systems for gated communities and businesses. We also provide gated security intercom with free internal calls for residents. NBN internet is offered Australia wide (subject to NBN infrastructure).

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